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Hey friends! This is the beginning of my new comics Tumblr! I figured that everyone was pretty tired of me clogging up their dashes with comic stuff, so I decided to create a new space in which I could post about comics and only folks who wanted to see it would be exposed. The name comes from Gertrude Yorkes, one of the main characters in Runaways, which is a book that everyone should read because it’s wonderful on so many levels. She was also half of the inspiration for my old comics Tumblr, arsenix! As a tribute to her, I’m going to start off this blog with a reread of the first two volumes of Runaways. Hope I don’t bore you all too much!

Okay, so this Tumblr has been dormant for a very, very long time, I realize, and probably no one will see this post (or care), but in case anyone does, I’m starting up a new comic Tumblr as a side account of my main account openthepavement because a) this one has been dead for so long it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie and b) it’s a lot easier to post from there than switching over to this account. Anyways, if you have any remembrance of and nostalgia for my posts from two+ years ago, please follow me over at gertrudeyorkes!

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unearthing this tumblr from the dead to ask an important question that may or may not end up being stupid considering i’ve been out of comics and their fandom for ~a year and a half:

has anyone ever done a trans* themysciran storyline? because i would be so into that, oh my god

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#and maybe i'm thinking of the parallels to a women's college and their stance on trans* stuff but that's only 'cause i go to one  #but honestly  #if this happened  #man  #this includes fanfic also btdubbs b/c i'd love to read that 
unbedding this exponentially early than I thought I would to say:

DC’s giving Jaime his own title again in the reboot?  Okay, so that makes me slightly less pissed-off about the whole thing.  I was totally late to the Jaime bandwagon (I didn’t have the funds to get any of the Blue Beetle trades until relatively recently, and I didn’t want to torrent them), but omg, I love him and Paco and Brenda and his whole family, they are fabulous.  I will definitely pick up that title in the fall!

No Secret Six and Gail off Birds of Prey (plus the fact that it’s “Gotham’s covert ops team” with no Helena, Babs or Zinda, what in the sweet fuckery) is seriously pissing me off, though.  Plus I’m going to have to buy at least the first few issues of Batgirl since she’s writing it.  Well, that’s how it works, I guess.

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i have gained like twelve followers on here even though i never use this tumblr anymore, what the fuck

in other news: DC Comics can totally get punched in the reproductive organs for all I care, I really don’t give a fuck

I’ve been falling out of comics recently (which is part of why I don’t post anything on here; the other part is that I just recently learned how to make side accounts on Tumblr, hurr durr, I am smart, but I have been too lazy to switch over from my main account to this one), but dammit if that doesn’t help drive the nail even further into the coffin :( I’ll probably try and keep up with Batwoman (has that even started yet? idk, I’m so out of touch) and Secret Six, but that’s about it.

I’d discontinue this Tumblr completely, but there are too many ~memories to be had.  When I was semi-active in the comics fandom, I really enjoyed everything people posted, whether it was crack-y or serious business.  As a budding young queer, I probably learned more about queer rights, homophobia, representation of LGBTQ characters in the media, etc. from here than anywhere else.  I also can’t begin to state how much I learned about white privilege from the people on here.  I legitimately was so ignorant before reading some of the things you guys posted on your Tumblrs, so I thank you all for that.

I know pretty much no one will read it because it’s a one-time post that someone with a relatively small amount of followers is posting at a weird time of day, but I just wanted to thank you guys for some good times, even if they ended for me a few months ago and I was pretty much just lurkin’ on most of them.  If I ever get really into comics again, I might boot this baby back up.  See you, Space Cowboys and girls…

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Why u so cute HeMo ? She’s such a geek !

I don’t even care if this is a pathetic thing to break my streak of no blogging on, HeMo likes Batwoman and that is pretty much just the best thing ever.


Why u so cute HeMo ? She’s such a geek !

I don’t even care if this is a pathetic thing to break my streak of no blogging on, HeMo likes Batwoman and that is pretty much just the best thing ever.

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#Batwoman  #but just barely  #this is mainly me squeeing over the fact that  #heather morris  #likes comics  #and good ones too!  #gidgdirghrg i already loved her to death but this is just cementing her status 
I just started reading Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise.

I’m not sure if I like it yet. I just can’t believe any of the characters’ actions; everything is completely over-the-top and implausible. And I think it’s kind of… overwritten? Like, the dialogue is clearly trying to sound like what real people say, but instead comes off as hokey.

I don’t know. I’ll see how the rest of the trade I got goes. I think there’s a lot of potential if it gets reined in some, and it comes really highly recommended, so hopefully it gets better.

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So I kind of sort of got the name of my Tumblr wrong earlier?  I AM THE MOST PATHETIC, I KNOW.  But yeah, my personal Tumblr’s http://openthepavement.tumblr.com/, it’s hopefully going to be groovy, this one’s still on hiatus, xoxo, you all rock.

also, the post URL for this is 123456.  AAAGH SO COOL

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